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Dimitri Scarlato / Composer & Conductor / Album


Dimitri wrote this album with the aim to express his creative nature without being conditioned by other arts and/or professionals.
Colours is a journey that recreates an aural landscape awash with the emotional tones and tints triggered by colours, and it’s written for his favourite instruments: the piano which is his inseparable writing companion, the cello that can uniquely depict various deep feelings, and the accordion, an instrument that with its distinctive voice narrates a heritage, a culture.

Showreel: https://youtu.be/daLzPwRdu-Y

Presentation: https://fb.watch/2PtJoButck/

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Music / Dimitri Scarlato
Piano / Dimitri Scarlato
Cello / Agnieszka Teodorowska
Accordion / Yuriy Chubarenko

Dimitri Scarlato / Composer & Conductor / Video

Dimitri Scarlato / Composer & Conductor / contacts

Dimitri Scarlato

Representation: Athens Management Agency
+30 2107790797

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